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Lexus New Model, 2019 ES, Lures The Automotive Sector

Lexus, a renowned non-SUV automaker, has revealed the launch of all-new 2019 ES in Southern California’s local event.

Chad Deschenes, a Lexus product specialist, while discussing the new launch asserted that 2019 ES is a new evolution of Lexus, which takes its customers to more-than-a-generation ahead and the performance enthusiasts would love to drive this car every day of the week.

The all-new 2019 ES is a spacious model with the Global Architecture K platform offering wider track, a long wheelbase, and more aggressive stance than other cars. It has a fluid dynamic body and offers a class-leading handling and performance, which gives the driver a feeling of complete control. The all-new interior of the car transforms the image of the Lexus ES improving the cars driving dynamics. The dashboard is driver-centric which makes it look sportier from the side of driver’s seat. The model comprises of world-class safety technology with driver assistance and collision avoidance system. The new features also include the capability to detect the bicyclist and enhanced pedestrian detection at the night time.

While sharing the experience of the engineering team, Yoshiaki Ito, chief test driver for Lexus, asserts that they want to give sense of complete control to their all types of drivers when they are driving all new ES. The new version offers Remote touch interface track pad intended to work same as that of computer mouse. The model also offers newer version of its infotainment system which includes 8-inch display screen. It also includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, which is powered by Verizon, with 12.3-inch, nonobligatory, navigation system. It also offers over-the-air software and data update.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz also has launched its A-Class sedan at 2018 Beijing Motor Show. The model is accepted to take over the role CLA was playing since last 5 years.

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