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Amnesty International Condemns Google For Chat

The decision by Google to roll out “Chat” (a new messaging service) with no end-to-end encryption proves the absolute disapproval of Android users for the privacy and has offered a valuable weapon to government spies and cybercriminals alike. These were the thoughts of Amnesty International this week when it spoke to the media in an interview.

Conversations on the latest “Chat” service will not be operated through Internet but via mobile phone suppliers, such as SMS, as per the latest reports.

In an interview this week to the media, a spokesperson of the Google verified that the latest “Chat” service will not employ encryption and that the firm is “halting investment” in “Allo” (its current mobile messaging application) that has an alternative for the abovementioned encryption.

“Not only does this reprehensibly nostalgic move leave the search behemoth behind in the race with its closest opponents (namely Facebook’s WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage that has end-to-end encryption by default), but it is also a back-step from the previous attempts of the company in the field of online messaging,” claimed a human rights and technology researcher at Amnesty International, Joe Westby, to the media last week.

Amnesty International believes that end-to-end encryption is the least necessity for technology firms to make sure that private data in messaging applications remains private.

The encryption is an approach of scrambling digital information so that only the recipient and sender can view the messages.

When it is included, even the firm offering the service is not able to access the data of conversation.

But on other hand, when the dawn is not yet near for Google, the firm has some good news for its Gmail users. Just 4 Days after the declaration of a new web design for Gmail, the firm declared plans of designing a “confidential mode” for the same.

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