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Google Website Provide New Approach To Discover Books And Amusing Means To Play With Words

Google has been functioning comprehensively on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and now it has provided the users a glance of how extreme natural language processing—which contends with machine reading understanding—has come in the technology. Google Research department of the search giant has introduced Semantic Experiences that are websites with fascinating activities that show the capability of AI to comprehend how we converse.

It has 2 experiences to get pleasure from and the 3rd is for developers to assist them to make their own experience. The initial experience dubbed “Talk to Books,” wherein the users can look at a new approach to interrelate with books, and the 2nd one, “Semantris,” in which individuals can play word association games supported by the semantic search.

The users, in “Talk to Books” experience, can merely type in a question or a statement and the AI will unearth complete sentences in the books linked to what they have queried. Ray Kurzweil, Director of Engineering, and Rachel Bernstein, Product Manager, at Google Research stated the system doesn’t rely on keyword matching.

They educated its AI by supplying it a “billion dialogue-like pairs of lines,” such that it can comprehend to recognize what a good reply appears like. For instance, if one types “World’s best detective,” the AI replies with numerous sentences and paragraphs that are associated with the term “detective.” In this manner, the users can discover correct sentences from books that they slightly memorize.

The other fragment Semantris provides word association playoffs such as a Tetris-like break-the-blocks experience. Random blocks will be displayed by the AI with text printed on them. The users need to “split” those blocks by inserting a word that can associate with any of the content printed on them.

In one more effort by Google to make navigation simple, it is validating a new facility in its Maps that will utilize landmarks, comprising restaurants, as spots of reference to provide directions to a traveler.

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