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Turnbull May Have Fallen But He Is Definitely Not Out


Would the 30th Newspoll loss be challenging for Mr. Turnbull to tackle? Leadership tensions run high as Turnbull goes down against his own benchmark; he may have fallen but he is definitely not over. However, planning war games that are a prelude to a leadership challenge are taking place.

The war-game may cool down or they may intensify if the Newspoll losses cross higher figures and that is the trend most feared by the Liberal MPs. At this stage, would the true intentions of the likes of Tony Abbott be visible or would they be cloaked in a mask of respectability? Would he take it as an opportunity to vent his grievance for taking the leadership away from him two years ago? The voters are likely to know better! The feeling of relief that washed over the nation on Abbott’s departure in September is not hard to forget.

Turnbull kept high expectations for him and embarked upon a very difficult task. The polls are an indication of the ongoing power struggles within the party and the surfacing of underplayed ambitions of lesser leadership contenders. Turnbull can come through this if he listens to the voters’ voice. He needs to have a national vision and take some big decisions in the interests of the nation. Transparency and honesty coupled with a reform formula that will be implemented in earnest will lead to the required results. Key areas to be focused on would include childcare, power, training, private health insurance and more. Turnbull’s focus on these important areas is the need of the hour with no chance providing to Bill Shorten to make the most of the opportunity. And in this context, the person who can contain Shorten is none other than Tony Abbott.

All said and done it cannot be denied that the best among the whole lot is still Turnbull. There can be nothing better than the leader in him coming to the fore and taking charge of the nation!

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