Mark Zuckerberg Comes Clear Off The Charges Set On Facebook

Facebook has introduced the latest Data Abuse Bounty Program to curb the use of illegal data. However, only after a few hours of its launch, one of the social advertisement networks was unaware of the fate of data collected by it through illegal means.

After Mark Zuckerberg arrived in Washington DC to confront the American lawmakers, several pieces of information were revealed in relation to the security breach. One of it was an incident in 2013, where a researcher found private information of millions of Facebook users through the developer program of the social media platform. After accumulating the same, he sold it to Cambridge Analytica, UK-based data analytics organization, which was then working on behalf of the Trump campaign.

Mark Zuckerberg was congratulated before Congress for designing a network that has accomplished the dream of America but was also cautioned for the breaches associated with the security of the people.

On the day, Zuckerberg was seated on the main seat where all the eyes were set on him. He further mentioned that he overlooked the breaches existed during the designing of the social media platform. He apologized for the same and took the entire responsibility of the security loopholes on his shoulders. Though he stated his comment in a robotic manner, his intentions were clear.

He has eradicated the chances of stepping out from the responsibility. Rather he will now be hiring more competent manpower that will be entitled to take care of the content and applications. This will not demand any personalized penalty from him and will promote the security of the people who are bestowing Facebook with their personal information. Zuckerberg further mentioned that the people, who will be notifying the concerned authority of the illegal developers, will be offered with a small amount of prize.

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