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Buy Apple’s Alluring iPhone 8 And 8 Plus & Contribute Towards HIV/AIDS Cause


Apple’s newest launch—the alluring (RED) iPhone 8 and 8 Plus—will be contributing towards a worthy cause. The red duo, like all the other Apple’s (Product)RED variants, will be adding to the $160 million contribution made so far towards the Global Fund, the charitable organization that combats AIDS and HIV. The partnership which began in 2006 has been a win-win through-out the way as the figures seem to suggest.

(RED)’s CEO Deborah Dugan disclosed that the $160 million contribution made by Apple exceeds the sum of contributions made by several countries like Iceland, Greece, New Zealand, Hungary and Switzerland. And the figure according to her is making a huge difference! 29 million people have got access to life saving drugs and the number of mothers transmitting the disease to their babies has reduced to 400 per day from the 1500 figure in 2002.

A part of every sale of the Apple (Product) RED is directly transferred into the Global Fund and the consumer is aware that while he buys any of these products, he is contributing towards a good cause. The regular iPhone 8, 64 GB, begins with a price tag of $699!

Apple is enabling the issue of AIDS and HIV to remain topmost in everyone’s minds through several ways. As you walk into an Apple store, you are being made aware of that the company’s (RED) products are more than an attractive color. They signify a worthy cause and the awareness helps in alleviating the HIV/AIDS stigma.

To increase awareness further, a lot of (RED) content is developed by the company with the help of app professionals who have inbuilt them subtly into several interesting games.

Beyond the sleek, sexy and vibrantly colored iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple’s Vice President, Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak disclosed that they were exploring further products from their kitty that could go (RED) and help to increase more conversations around the sensitive issue. Probably the next Apple launch could be a (RED) HomePod!

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