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Demand Decrease By 20% Affecting Egg Market

A few days back the price of egg had reached all-time high, but now it has come down by 20%. It was believed that if demand increases in December then its price can be stable at level. After reaching the peak, the prices of eggs have come down due to the decline in consumption.

Ramesh Khatri, President of the Poultry Federation of India said, “Consumption has declined owing to prices have gone up very fast. This year’s production has not increased much.” At different places, the price is currently about Rs 4.15 to Rs 4.50 per piece. Egg retail prices are running at Rs 6–7 per piece in the northern states and Rs 5–6 in the states of South India.

Given the decline in prices from peak levels, there is hope for improvement in consumption, which will increase the production. P. V. Senthil, secretary of Livestock and Agri Farmers Trade Associations said, “Demand for winter, Christmas, and New Year will help prevent further fall in egg prices. It can be stable at the level of Rs. 4 per gram. India produces 250 Million eggs a day. A large part of it comes from southern states. Namakkal of Tamil Nadu is considered to be the hub of the trade. There is a daily production of 3 Million eggs, which is less than the previous production of 3.3 Million eggs daily.”

Another factor that can keep prices at a profitable level for farmers, it is slowly but right to increase exports. Senthil said, “We used to export nearly 30 Million eggs every month. It has now fallen to 40 to 50 Lakh eggs, but it is gradually rising.” The export of eggs was shocking due to the reduction of production and bird flu. Oman is the biggest buyer of eggs from India, followed by countries like Qatar.

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