Government Focusing On Biofuel And Its Policies To Ramp Up The Growth Of Non-Conventional Energy Market

The Narendra Modi government is in the process of waging a major ‘war’ against petrol and diesel. In this, the government has started planning to promote ‘biofuel’. The government has also estimated to invest about one lakh crore in coming time. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan told this. He was speaking at the EU-India Advance Biofuel conference. It has been reported that that fuel can be made using any kind of garbage, fruit remains, and many others. There is also a considerable amount of energy in it. The Prime Minister said that the government is working on a new national policy related to biofuels, which will soon be placed in front of the cabinet. Explain that biofuel is made in three ways. At present, India is making it with the first method. According to Pradhan, advanced methods will also be used in the coming times.

The Petroleum Minister said that the word “Waste to Wealth’ was also mentioned in the recently introduced Budget 2018–19. According to them, Gobar Dhan scheme has been started in this, which will boost bio-CNG.

Pradhan said that the Punjab State has started to set up Bio-CNG plants. According to them, the central government is also going to set up 12 advanced biofuel refineries in the coming days. At present, Indian Oil is currently running three biofuel plants. According to sources, at present, their capacity is 12 tonnes per day, which is aimed at 100 tonnes per day in the next two years.

Growing adoption of renewable energy equipment and government subsidizing the overall process including equipment has boosted the growth of the global non-conventional energy market. The fact that people readily support the ban on usage of fossil fuels is anticipated to boost the growth of the global market.

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