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Around 7 Major Sector Forecasting Bulk Recruitment Between July And September, Jobs Market Expected To Flourish


The pace of providing employment in some parts of the organized sector in the country has increased. According to the Seventh Quarterly Employment Survey Data released by the Labor Bureau on Monday, in the July-September quarter of 2017, there were will be 1.36 Lakh jobs in seven sectors.

These figures are based on the economic calculation of 2013–14 and the firms made after 2014 are not included. During July–September 2017, 89,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector, 21,000 in education, 20,000 in transports, 14,000 in trade, 11,000 in health, 2,000 in accommodation and hospitality, and 1,000 jobs were created in IT-BPO, while 22,000 jobs in the construction sector were lost. In total, around 11,000 enterprises are working in these sectors. These sectors hold 81% of the country’s total organized workforce.

The Labor Ministry is planning to start work on collecting employment data in the unorganized sector soon. Ministry wants to present quarterly employment enterprise survey of units with less than 10 employees. An official of the ministry told that the policy commission suggested this. In the economic calculation, the information about the number of employees in the country was about 13 Crore.

There are 10.6 Million people in the unorganized sector. In the unorganized sector survey, how many employees and which sectors will be included in the survey, this decision will give by a high-level committee. The official said that the government has given permission for a new survey. It will include a large number of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME). The Survey will be initiated in April. The result of the first survey will come out by next year. This survey will be released with the Labor Bureau’s Organized Sector Quarterly Employment Survey.

Uncertainty in the performance of the foreign players and lack of skilled employees has somewhere increased the complication of the consultants and companies as well, this also restraints the growth of the overall jobs market.

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