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At Last, Congress Acknowledged P.V. Narasimha Rao’s Contribution

In a recent session held at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Congress party properly recognized its long-neglected Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao. This led to coming out of a political negligence of the person who brought India into the new age of economic reforms.

The first occasion of this was when the party ascribed the achievements of economic reforms of 1991 to PV Narasimha Rao. The formal expression by party in the form of resolution stated that the murder of Rajiv Gandhi was a huge stroke to the party and Rao was at the receiving end of the responsibility, which he carried out by leading India out of engrossing crisis and termed the economic reforms of 1991 as historic, which led to transformation of the economy of the country.

This action by Congress is in stark dissimilarity of how the term of Rao as prime minister was always neglected in proceedings of Congress. It is important to note here that except for a single reference in 2010 speech by Sonia Gandhi, Rao has found no mentions whatsoever. Also, Rao is the only prime minister from Congress whose photo is not seen on the cover of ‘Congress and the Making of the Indian Nation’; the books intended to follow the history of Congress since its inception in 1885. During the entire time, all the Congress leaders except Manmohan Singh have kept away from floral tributes arranged on birth anniversaries of Rao.

As stated by people on the inside of Congress, this change in course was a deliberate attempt by the president of Congress, Rahul Gandhi to try and create an image of Congress as the party that has been able to be where it is due to the share of all the leaders. This was also apparent from the speech by Rahul Gandhi where he stated that he intends to form Congress in a manner similar to the one in 1947 when any of the leaders would have been capable of carrying the party and the government forward.

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