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Amit Shah’s New Ploy Likely To Affect BSP In RS Polls

Amit Shah is on his new mission to break the alliance between BSP and SP. The Bahujan Samajh Party leader Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav has decided to form an alliance to defeat BJP.

In Uttar Pradesh, 10 Rajya Sabha seats are to be decided out of 31. Every prospective winning party requires 37 votes to win. In the 403 member assembly the BJP has 324 MLAs which makes it pretty clear that it can elect 8 Council of States MPs unopposed.

There are 47 MLAs in Rajya Sabha from Samajwadi Party, meaning one MLA can be elected easily. However, Bahujan Samaj Party has 18 MLAs only in the Upper House of the parliament. This is not sufficient to elect an MLA from their party. Therefore, the deal has been formed where BSP will take loan 10 more votes from SP, 1 from RLD and 7 votes from Congress to elect former MLA Bhimrao Ambedkar to the Upper House.

Amit Shah changed their game plan by introducing a 9th BJP candidate into the contest in the final hours. This leaves Mayawati still in danger.

Now her candidate Bhimrao Ambedkar and Anil Agarwal, the 9th candidate from BJP will fight for that one seat.

After this sudden game change by Amit Shah, the SP and Congress have shown their concern over cross voting or exits. The BJP is trying to persuade legislator monetarily to vote for their 9th candidate, as claimed by BSP. This is termed as political maneuvering by Amit Shah.

Anil Agrarwal, who made the last entry into the election with BJP’s remaining 28 votes; just require 9 more votes to strike out BSP. The party is also expecting support of some individual from NISHAD party that mainly represents fishermen, comprising 4% of UPs population. Last year when Akhilesh Yadav denied Vijay Mishra, now a strong head of NISHAD party, to contest for state election, he immediately joined NISHAD party. He is expected to give his votes in favor of BJP.

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