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Global Diabetic Food Market: Increasing Consciousness Of Diabetics And Increasing Health Awareness To Fuel The Market

As per the report, the global market for diabetic food was capitalized at more than USD 8.0 billion in 2015, is anticipated to cross USD 11.3 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of somewhat above 5.75% from 2016 to 2021.

Diabetes is the situation in which production of insulin is hindered or body does not employ the insulin that is accountable for making the energy from glucose. This leads to increasing level of glucose in the blood. Food products for diabetes are dietary foods that have low sugar, carbohydrate, and preservatives. Diabetic food is sugar-free and contains low calorie that assists in maintaining the level of glucose in the blood. Diabetic food is used by the patients suffering from diabetes to maintain the equilibrium of sugar in the blood. Patient suffering from obesity use diabetic food for lowering the weight.

Hectic lifestyle and rising requirement for junk food have resulted in the potential development of obesity and diabetics. Increasing consciousness of diabetics and increasing health awareness amongst the young age group boosts the market for diabetic food. Increasing discretional revenue and simple accessibility of diabetic food optimistically affect the development of the market for diabetic food.

The makers of diabetic food have rolled out different goods with zero preservatives, low calories, and sugar-free goods for the health concern and diabetic population. Some of these goods comprise dairy products, ice creams & jellies, baked products, dietary beverages, snacks, confectionery, and other foods. The dietary beverage is the top sector due to the high usage of different goods of dietary beverages all over the world.

The market for diabetic food was ruled by North America and is believed to be the largest income generating area. This was chiefly owing to the increasing disposable income, altering lifestyle, and increasing concern for a fit living. Also, the amount of diabetes and obesity patients is increasing that adds up to the development of diabetic food market in this area. Europe is the 2nd biggest diabetic food market owing to elevating health complexity due to a high level of sugar in the blood and increasing aging population in this area. Up-and-coming countries such as China, India, and Japan are anticipated to be the most important markets in the forecast period owing to rising expenditure ability.

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Fifty 50 Foods Inc., David Chapman’s Ice Cream Limited, Kellogg Company, Nestle S.A., Unilever Plc, Mars Inc., Newtrition Plus Health, The Coca-Cola Company, Cadbury plc, Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Sushma Gram Udyog, and PepsiCo Inc. among others are different international companies in the market for diabetic foods.

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