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Ganga Will Be Revamped By 80–90% In Terms Of Cleanliness By 2019 Said Gadkari


Ganga Will Be Revamped By 80–90% In Terms Of Cleanliness By 2019 Said Gadkari

Union Minister of Road Transport and Transport Nitin Gadkari said in the ET Global Business Summit 2018, many things about improving public transport in the country and main focus was on cleaning the Ganga. The Union Minister said that clean Ganga will be seen soon with government projects and efforts. Gadkari said that till 2019, 80–90% of Ganga river will be cleaned. On promoting public transport and safety of roads, Gadkari also said that serious efforts are being made for this.

Gadkari said, “20 thousand km of broad water way of is very big power. By 2019, 80–90% of the Ganga will be cleaned up. There are 189 projects to clean the Ganga river region on the agenda. Out of which, 41 have been completed till now. So far, 10,000 trees have been planted on the banks of Ganga River for keep the river nirmal and continuously clean. Our government is also committed to spend Rs 3 Billion to build a tidy Ganga Bank. In order to keep the rivers clean in the country, a budget of Rs 16 lakh crore has been allocated under Sagarmala project.”

The Union Minister also said that due to the 10 industrial towns along the river Ganga, the pollution level in Ganga has increased aggressively. Gadkari said, “10 big cities are basically responsible for the pollution of Ganga, in which Kanpur’s record is the worst.” The Union Minister also said that we are also in plans to treat the sewage that is washed in Mumbai’s sea and Mithi river to release the water without any hazardous impurities that can harm the marine life. There have been various attempts made by the government to clear out all the sources of waste that are polluting the river. Several schemes and initiatives are made already. However, the government also expects and needs the similar support from the people as well to make the efforts rewarding.

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