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Priya Prakash Varrier The Malayalam Actor’s Petition Against FIRs Will Be Heard By SC


Priya Prakash Varrier The Malayalam Actor’s Petition Against FIRs Will Be Heard By SC

Priya Varrier, the teenage Malayalam actress seeks for an urgent hearing of her petition has been agreed by the (SC) Supreme Court. The teenage is getting quashed by the FIR lodged against the filmmakers and her for making a song that is trending nationwide but it said to be offensive for few groups as the video song is hurting the Muslim religious sentiments.

Haris Beeran the advocate of Priya Prakash has requested the Supreme Court for an urgent hearing of the plea which will happen only tomorrow. The Malayalam song, “Manika Malaraya Poovi” has a beautiful expression of the actress and actor which has been trending and winning millions of hearts is still in the process of completion of the Malayalam movie “Oru Adaar Love” was moved to the SC.

The Malayalam song now known as the “Wink” song has gained enormous viewership on its 10th day of the release on the platforms of social media with 34 million record views. All the fame and appreciation turned into a scary night as the filmmaker and teenage actress acknowledged an FIR against them in Hyderabad at Falaknuma police station. The FIR mentioned that the Malayalam song has offended and hurt the Muslim religious sentiments.

Further to the FIR at Falaknuma police station, there were two more FIRs found against the 18-year-old actress and the filmmaker. One was by Raza Academy’s secretary with the police of Mumbai and the other was at Jinsi police station in Aurangabad by Janjagran Samithi that forced Omar Abdul Wahab the director, Joseph Valakuzhy Eapen, and Priya for moving to the Supreme Court with their advocate Haris. They defended themselves with the constitutional fundamental right of an artist with the right to expression and speech.

The Malayalam song “Manikya Malaraya Poovi”, the petitioners state that this folk song of Muslim of Kerala from Malabar region by PMA Jabbar was written in 1978 for praising the eternal love between Khadeeja, the first wife of Prophet Mohammed and Prophet Mohammed.

The director mentions that the song which is preserved for almost 40 years and has been cherished by Kerala’s Muslim communities and is now termed as an insult to the wife of the prophet and prophet himself.

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