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Smart Greenhouse Market Top USD 1.31 Billion by 2022


The smart greenhouse is a climate controlling and self-regulating method that is appropriate for growth of the plant. In addition to this, it is an uprising in agriculture. It is likely to regulate climate in the restricted region (microclimate environment) employing different applications including sensors. The smart greenhouse boasts different elements such as actuators, sensors, control system, and monitoring system. The idea of smart greenhouse plans to optimize boosting factors for plants and computerize the process of growing.

Global Smart Greenhouse Market to gain $1.31Bn by 2022, according to new statistics released by the Zion Market Research, the market research group.

Smart greenhouse market is anticipated to see noteworthy development owing to programs taken by the government in view of rising population. Smart farming is anticipated to increase at an astonishing growth rate. Altering atmosphere impacts the agriculture market that at the same time impacts the economy and food & beverage market of many countries. Hence, smart greenhouse offers a new chance for the agriculture market. Changing technical preferences owing to urbanization in emerging nations is also anticipated to have a positive effect on the market of the smart greenhouse. High initial investment and prices for installation of the automation system might hinder the development of smart greenhouse market at a particular level in developing nations such as the Middle East & Africa. But developed nations such as North America and Europe have begun accepting this method to deal with the issues of rising population.

On the basis of type segment, the global market for a smart greenhouse has been divided into non-hydroponic and hydroponics. Hydroponic greenhouse deals with the approach of growing plants with no soil. Currently, the segment of non-hydroponic smart greenhouse rules the global market for the smart greenhouse. In addition to this, the sector of the hydroponic smart greenhouse has the uppermost growth viewpoint in the near future.

LED grow light, HVAC, irrigation system, communication technology, valves & pumps, material handling, and others including control system are the main techs warped below the smart greenhouse market. LED grow light sector ruled the market for a smart greenhouse in 2016 as it can be employed as a non-natural source of light to inspire the growth of the plant.

Europe is anticipated to stay the market dominator in the near future and added up for a noteworthy share of the revenue for the global market in 2016 owing to the quick acceptance of technology for the smart greenhouse. The rapid acceptance of tech in up-and-coming countries of China, Japan, and India is anticipated to boost the market for a smart greenhouse in the Asia Pacific. The Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the most eye-catching sector of the market over the forecast due to quick infrastructural growth in nations such as India paired with an elevated population in the area.

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Key industry players comprise Heliospectra AB, Rough Brothers, Inc., Argus Control Systems Ltd., Terrasphere Systems, LLC, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, LumiGrow Inc., JFE Engineering Corporation, Hort Americas, Logiqs B.V., Nexus Corporation, GreenTech Agro LLC, and Certhon.

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