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Food Safety Testing Market Share May Top US $8.04 Billion in 2021

All over the world, the safety of food is a huge concern for users owing to the unvarying threat of foodborne diseases. Food safety testing is required to get a certificate of investigation of ready to eat foods and raw food products at different phases of food processing. Users are offered with labels of food safety on food products to make sure safety and quality of products.

Global Food Safety Testing Market to gain $8.04Bn by 2021 at a CAGR of 7.8%, according to new statistics released by the Zion Market Research, the market research group.

The worldwide market for food safety testing has been presenting marvelous growth with rising foodborne illness all over the world. The market development is boosted by increasing user awareness related to food safety concerns. Globally all areas are experiencing cases of food disease epidemic, the due occurrence of chemical contaminant and microbial pathogens. The main players in the market are experiencing escalating requirement for food safety testing due to increasing consciousness amongst users and health issues.

The market for food safety testing is divided on the basis of contaminant, technology, region, and application. Different techs employed for testing food safety comprise rapid technologies and traditional technologies. owing to some restrictions of traditional food safety techniques, the technology of rapid food testing added up to a noteworthy share of the market in 2015. The pathogen is a top contaminant sector in a market of food safety. In addition, GMO testing sector is anticipated to be the quickest developing segment in the near future. The main application wrapped under this survey comprises dairy, Meat & poultry, Fruit & vegetables, process food, and others. Amongst all, meat & poultry were the biggest application sectors that added up for a noteworthy share of the global market for food safety testing in 2015 and are hoped to be the quickest increasing sector for the forecasted coming years.

Area-wise, North America ruled the market for food safety testing in 2015. The largest share of this area can be added up to different factors such as rising government regulations and increased prevalence of food disease. Europe is one of the main areas in the market of food safety testing owing to elevated awareness related food safety policies of the government in this area. The Asia Pacific stands for a region with a very huge potential for the market of food safety testing owing to elevated stress on food securities in this area.

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3M Company, Biocontrol Systems Incorporated, Bio-Rad Laboratories Incorporated, Roka Bioscience, Douglas Scientific, Agilent Technologies Incorporated, Ecolab Incorporated, and IDDEX Laboratories INC are some of the major players in the market of food safety testing.

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