Maruti’s Affordable Electric Car Will Be On Road In 2020, With Suzuki’s Technology

Maruti’s Affordable Electric Car Will Be On Road In 2020, With Suzuki’s Technology

The country’s largest car maker Maruti Suzuki will launch its first reasonably priced electric car by 2020. It will be based on the technique of its parent company Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC). SMC has also made a commitment to Toyota to make electric vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki’s Managing Director, Kenichi Ayukawa in an interview stated that Maruti is working with the Japanese parent company to work on creating capabilities for electric vehicles and plans to prepare ecosystem for customers purchasing electric vehicles.

SMC will not be dependent only on its associate Toyota’s capability to assemble electric vehicles. Ayukawa said, “Suzuki Motor Corporation has a commitment to Toyota for electric vehicles. The company is also developing its own electric vehicle technology. With all these efforts, electric vehicles will be introduced in 2020 in India. In November last year, SMC had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Toyota to present electric vehicles in India.

However, Ayukawa did not mention the segment of an electric vehicle which will be offered. He said that the company is doing a survey to know the needs of the customers. Sources say that Maruti Suzuki can present an electric vehicle with a power output of 25 to 35-kilowatt hours per hour. It can fit in compact car segment and its price is expected to be less than Rs 10 Lakh. Mahindra & Mahindra’s electric vehicle delivers a power of more than 35-kilowatt hours per hour and its price is around Rs 11 Lakh.

VG Ramakrishnan, the managing partner of Avanteum Advisors LLP, said, “India is the largest market for Suzuki. Due to the decrease in market share in Japan, Suzuki does not want to lose the benefits of introducing electric vehicles soon. And due to this, it has decided to introduce electric vehicles on their own, despite a partnership with Toyota.”

Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava had said some time ago during the country’s shift towards electric vehicles, the company does not want to lose its leadership position. He said, “We would like to remain intact in the first place.” Maruti has started looking to partner with other firms in areas such as material handling, charging infrastructure, re-usage, and battery recycling.

However, the company is also constantly working on to refine the internal combustion engine to make them fuel efficient and eco-friendly. It has been also projected that by 2030 around 40% of new personal vehicles will be sold in the domestic market.

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