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The First Only Company To Make BS-VI Competent Cars In India Is Mercedes India

The First Only Company To Make BS-VI Competent Cars In India Is Mercedes India

Mercedes-Benz India, the world’s leading car maker, today launched the first BS-VI car in India to make a luxury car. This is the company’s flagship model. Not only this, it has also become the first such Made in India car which has been made in line with BS-VI standards. In 2016, the company had pledged to build BS-VI vehicle in India. Even last year, Mercedes had confirmed that it would shift to BS-VI car in 2018.

On this occasion, Rolland Folger, CEO of Mercedes India, said that we are happy to fulfill our commitment to the customers. We are also making the government’s Make-In-India vision as an embodiment, are also happy. He said that after this, other car companies in India will also be able to launch such vehicles. Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari was also present on this occasion.

This car is different from the existing BS IV cars as the particulate matter responsible for pollution and emission will be significantly reduced. This car equipped with BS-VI emission standards will reduce the particulate matter by 82%. Simultaneously, emissions of nitrogen oxides in comparison to BS IV cars will also be decrease by 68%. The Mercedes-Benz 350d will be the first car in which BS-VI emission standards will be followed. This is a new 6-cylinder engine car.

The coming soon flagship sedan S-Class 350d and Maybach S560 also received an ARAI certificate that signifies it as Indian crash norm compliant automobile. The company also stated that the Mercedes BS-VI vehicles are totally compatible with BS-IV fuel.

With the launch of the new vehicles, the automaker also got a compliance certificate of CMVR (Central motor vehicles rule) from ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) at event that also had presence of Nitin Gadkari, Union transport minister.

Gadkari said, “Roll out of nation’s first BS-VI vehicles is a critical benchmark set by Mercedes and it will sturdily pave the way and motivate other auto manufacturers to bring in new vehicles that are compliant to the recently introduced regulations. I want to appreciate the efforts of Mercedes for not just manufacturing safer vehicles but also taking care of the greener vehicles and introducing BS-VI compliant vehicle much the before the deadline announced by the government.

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