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Maharashtra Reveals Public Cloud Rule, Generates An Opportunity Worth $2 Billion

Maharashtra Reveals Public Cloud Rule, Generates An Opportunity Worth $2 Billion

Maharashtra has emerged out with a communal cloud strategy virtually obligating its departments to move their information storage onto the cloud, making an opportunity worth $2 Billion for the market. “Now, we have revealed our communal cloud rule and this rule will let all departments of the government to have authorization to public cloud,” claimed Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of the state, to the media at the Maharashtra Technology Summit this week.

Speaking of the rule, which is a first by any state, he claimed that it will result in extra investments in private sector since government is one of the largest makers and users of information. “It will make an opportunity worth $2 billion for the market. Each single department of the government employs data storage. Now, they will not need to purchases boxes. We have made it more or less obligatory,” a senior official of the government claimed to the media in an interview.

Departments of the government presently have their own facilities of data storage, which can be converted more affordable and done better by vendors of private sector, the official claimed in his statement. “Our fund is very restricted, why must we invest on that when the private segment can do a job with more advancement? We must make an allowing surrounding,” principal secretary for department of state information technology, SVR Srinivas, claimed to the media in an interview.

The government of Fadnavis had made a 4-member group to make a policy structure on cloud consumption 2 Months back, which presented a policy paper that is being accepted as the communal cloud policy, claimed the first executive. The policy is expected to be officially set to begin via a detailed resolution of the government. In the upcoming 20 Days, 5–6 leading cloud service operators such as Microsoft or Amazon will be empanelled, added the official.

Below the structure, government will make it obligatory for the information to be amassed inside the nation and the broad concept is to employ communal cloud in cases wherever the Act of Right to Information is valid, and then go in for improved safety functions for sensitive and private data, which will also be amassed on the cloud, claimed Srinivas. He claimed that he hopes extra spending to arrive into the region of Mumbai Metropolitan due to the new rule. The region already backs a fine number of data centers and advantages such as accessibility of uninterrupted power.

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