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Research Says 2G Internet To Be Terminated By June 2019

Research Says 2G Internet To Be Terminated By June 2019

The entrance of Reliance Jio brought about a sort of revolt in the telecom industry of India as the 4G-only network kicked-off with free high-speed Internet throughout the nation. This led to a rise in data utilization in the nation, and 3G devices become a past. At present, it appears, is the chance of the 2G Internet on the mobile devices to be terminated as 4G extends its clutch in the nation. Jio was accountable for a 4x rise in the 2G networks decline and is a key contributor to their untimely termination, a research note states.

As per the data shared by Cybermedia Research (CMR) based in Gurgaon, the 2G networks will be terminated eternally by June 2019. Principal Analyst in CMR, Faisal Kawoosa, mentioned in a research note that prior to the entry of Jio in the market, the 2G mobile Internet in India was projected to prolong till 2022, with the median quarterly drop rate of about 3%. Nevertheless, Jio’s entry along its free 4G services led to a mass espousal of high-speed data that increased the average quarterly decline rate by 4x, that is, to 12%.

Soon after Jio’s entry into the market, it was projected that 2G networks for the mobile services will be terminated by the 2020 first quarter, according to the research note of CMR. But, market dynamics will move this by 2–3 quarters, fetching 2G Internet’s end to around June 2019.

In the research note, Kawoosa, said, “With the 4G cellular capabilities nowadays in a feature phone and packaging of entry-level smartphones by several incumbent operators, the speed toward 4G becoming the preferred wireless Internet access is on the ascend. This turns to, in fact, all wireless broadband users using the Internet over broadband, spotting not only stop the adding up of the 2G subscribers but also escalating the declining rate.”

To attain this, the telecom operators will have to make efforts toward updating its prevailing 2G Internet subscribers to the high-speed 4G networks. The telecom operators such as Vodafone, BSNL, and Airtel have joined forces with smartphone merchants to bring down the effectual prices of entry-level, low-priced, smartphones by offering cashbacks. Also, Jio has a 4G-supported feature phone dubbed Jio Phone that will after cashbacks be effectively free.

In both instances, the users are needed to shell out a sum upfront to purchase the device and then purchase monthly recharge packs of a specific sum so as to be entitled to the cashbacks. The telcos will be capable of repurposing the 2G Internet infrastructure to use the specific Internet of Thing applications efficiently, such as smart parking.

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