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Now Opera 50 Browser Released With Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining And Other Feature

Now Opera 50 Browser Released With Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining And Other Feature

The newest Opera 50 version desktop browser has been released by Opera Software for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Opera consists of several new features such as VR 360 & Chromecast backing for the Oculus VR headset and a new anti-cryptomining feature. Initially, these features were accessible on the Opera 50’s beta RC version.

NoCoin Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining

Opera, as stated, has officially declared the launch of its newest Opera 50 Web browser’s stable build. It has the new NoCoin feature that assists to obstruct webpages that prudently use cryptocurrency mining scripts. Recently, Opera mentioned that the NoCoin will function on the lines of its incorporated ad blocker software. Also, the browser developer states that the Opera 50 is the foremost major browser to include defense against these sorts of attacks.

The surfacing of “cryptojacking” has been hyped by the appeal around Bitcoin and other key cryptocurrencies across the world. Opera makes use of the NoCoin listing of cryptocurrency mining scripts to efficiently sort unnecessary webpages. To thwart against cryptojacking, the users require enabling the inherent ad blocker through Settings, wherein the new anti-cryptocurrency mining feature is automatically turned on. Also, the anti-mining system can be activated by the users discretely by ticking the box “NoCoin” in preferences.

Currency Converter adds cryptocurrencies

The Opera browser’s integral currency converter is also getting upgraded with 4 cryptocurrencies, specifically, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). To pick the default currency, the users can head to the Settings (on macOS, Preferences) > Browser > User interface and select the currency from option “On text selection convert currency.”

VR enhancements and Oculus support

Now, the Opera VR Player is available for all users of Oculus Rift. VR360 support has been added by Opera 50 on the web browser to the Oculus Rift. The upgrade also includes JavaScript-based recognition for selected websites to assist with appropriate playback.

Chromecast support

Also, Opera 50 includes casting backing for Chromecast playback. Head to Settings (on macOS, Preferences) to access this feature > Browser > User interface and choose the option “Enable Chromecast support.” After enabling, the Chromecast icon will become visible at applicable locations to cast tabs, play videos, and cast the complete desktop display.

Other updates consist of an improved unit converter that now backs translation from millimeters to inches. Additionally, now the free, integral VPN service will be shifted to own data centers of Opera for a better experience. Also, for the convenience of users, a new button “Save page as PDF” has been included.

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