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Maruti On The Verge To Show Its New Micro SUV in range between 4–8 Lakh

Maruti On The Verge To Show Its New Micro SUV in range between 4–8 Lakh

After getting a dominating position in SUV segment with less than 4 Meter with Vitara Brezza, Maruti Suzuki is discovering the possibility of launching Micro SUVs in the range of Rs 4 to 8 Lakh. Concept associated model with this will be introduced in the auto expo organized in Greater Noida in February first week.

Maruti, which made a late entry in the SUV segment, has already achieved a quarter of the sports utility vehicle market in India. The design of the new Concept Future S has been prepared by the Indian team. Through, this Maruti wants to find out the opinion of buyers in the compact car space. If the result of this study is positive, then Maruti Suzuki can offer a car that will compete with Mahindra & Mahindra’s QUV100.

Under the leadership of a six-member design team of Maruti Suzuki, Concept Future S is another sample of the growing strength of engineering of India’s Research and Development.

Maruti Suzuki Senior Engineering Director (Engineering) CV Raman told that Maruti, which develops the products, has a mood swings global. He also said that the popularity of SUV vehicles is increasing in Europe and this is the case in India too.

He said, “If you look at the future, growth is expected to come from SUV and as a growing company, we want to be part of it. We wanted to find out how Indian customers would accept this type of design. It is being developed mainly keeping in mind the need of India, but it is likely to be a global car.”

This concept is part of the Experiment design phase. Earlier, the company introduced such concept cars, who made their way to the market. However, at the moment, it is just a matter of concept and its purpose is to get feedback from the customer and the company has given the designers an open rebate to design the vehicle.

According to Raman, Maruti has experimented with a new character in a compact car and can make this change in the future. According to the statement, “Increasing choice about utility vehicles and their strong structure inspired our team to study compact cars with a new character. Concept Future S will make the road to change in compact cars in the future on Indian roads.

The specification of vehicles will be officially declared at the auto expo in the next month.

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