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Toll Discounts And Free Parking For E-Vehicles In 2018

Toll Discounts And Free Parking For E-Vehicles In 2018

India’s electric vehicles (EV) industry is in a drastic transformation since 2017. After the announcement of the central government that it will bring the entire vehicle fleet to electric powertrain by 2030, about a dozen car companies have stepped up their plans related to the EV.

It started with the Policy Document of the Niti Aayog on EV, in which a road map of 15 years has been fixed for complete electrification. Shared mobility service providers such as Uber, Ola, and Zoomcar have later started buying Mahindra’s electric vehicles. At the same time, the central government decided to upgrade their fleet with orders of 10,000 electric vehicles for its agencies. After this, there was the creation of Bharat Stage Protocol for charging so that a framework for future charging stations could be created.

Green color plate might be made mandatory for electrical vehicles. Also, 3 years of toll can be exempted with free parking. These things have been said in a draft prepared by the Commission for electric vehicles.

By 2020, the cost of batteries is estimated to be reduced to half. From this, EVs will be cheap as well as driving costs for conventional trains will be high and it will also be necessary according to BSVI standards. Experts believe that EV will be able to get profitable in the next coming five years. By this period, the Indian manufacturing ecosystem will be matched.

The first government order to electrify 10,000 vehicles in the top 11 cities of the country has been given through Department of Heavy Industries and EESL. This order is valued at Rs 2,000 Crore. Experts believe that all public transport segments such as buses, four-wheelers, three-wheelers, and can generate billions of dollars in 2018.

Given this, there is a global alliance amid Toyota and Suzuki with a full focus on the Indian market. Mahindra & Mahindra have signed with Ford, while Renault and Nissan are in a coalition. Mercedes Benz, Volvo, JLR, BMW, and Honda Motor, are also preparing their EV Strategies for India. Mahindra’s competitor Tata Motors has also secured orders for 10,000 vehicles. The reach of the global level of EV is less than 1% and in India too, it is almost the same, but industry experts say that at least one-fourth of the global fleet will be powered by electric power up to 2030.

The emphasizing on hybrid and electric cars by the top auto manufacturers and especially the government is the growing emission levels and balance the fossil reserves that are exhausting rapidly.

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