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WhatsApp Bug Allows You Remove Message Even After 7 Minutes

WhatsApp Bug Allows You Remove Message Even After 7 Minutes

The capability to erase a WhatsApp text is a function that consumers have needed in the messaging app for a long time. The function of “Delete for Every One” permits consumers to recall texts sent both in Group Chats as well as in an individual chats. It seems to be a cure for all those messages sent by mistake. It can certainly be dubbed as one of the largest function included to WhatsApp in the last many years. The feature is obtainable on both iOS and Android platforms.

To recall texts employing this feature, consumers require deleting messages sent within the subsequent 7 Minutes (after sending the text). The deadline to recall/delete a text is same for both Group and Individual chats.

On the other hand, there might be times when you might need to delete the conversation but those “precious 7 Minutes” have gone. But now, it appears that there is a method you can do it even post 7 Minutes. The hack has been founded by a Spanish blog site, Android Jefe. The blog states that an error in WhatsApp permits this hack, employing which you can recall texts even post 7 Minutes of conveying them. But here as well there is a limit of expiry for 7 Days. This indicates consumers can remove texts sent for up to an utmost limit of 7 Days. One more plus point is it operates for both unread and read texts. Are you wondering how to do this? Here is a bit by bit guide:

  • Go to Settings
  • Turn off Mobile Data and Wi-Fi of your handset
  • Return back to the main page of Settings and go to Apps
  • Choose WhatsApp and select Force Stop
  • Head back to main page of Settings one more time and head to Date & time
  • Turn off Automatic date & time
  • Set the time and date to precisely the same as you sent the text
  • Open WhatsApp again and go to that text
  • Click and hold on it and select Delete
  • Now you will be allowed to see both alternatives to “delete for everyone” and “delete for me”
  • Choose “Delete for Everyone” and the text you wished to recall/delete will display as “This message was deleted”

The industry experts too trialed this hack and discovered that it is true. On the other hand, it did take a couple of additional minutes for the text to be deleted from the phone of the recipient.

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