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Strategic Partnership Announced For BSVI Preparation By Westport Fuel Systems And Tata Motors


Strategic Partnership Announced For BSVI Preparation By Westport Fuel Systems And Tata Motors

With the introduction of rules and regulations related to BS VI emissions, automotive companies have started gearing up and started strategic tie-ups. Tata Motors, the country’s largest maker of trucks, has made a partnership with Westport Fuel Systems. This partnership has been done for the development and supply of spark-ignited CV engine family for the 4 cylinders and 6-cylinder natural gas engine. At the same time, a leading commercial vehicle engine maker, Greaves Cotton has tied up with Piaggio, a well-known three-wheeler manufacturer, for the supply of BS VI diesel and alternative fuel engines.

The rules related to emission are being tightened, in this case, three wheelers manufacturers may face many challenges after 2020, but due to the agreement between Greaves Cotton and Piaggio there is a clear indication that the three wheels in the last mile commutation will continue to play an important role in the market.

Greaves Cotton strategy is to become an impacting solutions provider with Piaggio to become a. The company has not only started working on the new diesel engine platform for future three-wheelers but also has a partnership with Pinnacle Technology and AltGreen so that gasoline, CNG, and electric power plants can be developed for the future.

Nagesh Basvanahalli, MD, and CEO of Greaves Cotton, said that the market should be prepared with technological solutions by the year 2020. He said, “Our new solutions will cover the range from petrol, diesel, and CNG to electric.”

Piaggio currently supplies 2.5 Million engines annually for three-wheelers and apart from this, around 35,000 to 40,000 engines are diesel engines for mini trucks. Meanwhile, Westport Fuel Systems will also provide the natural gas parts to Tata Motors counting advanced gas injection systems and its controls.

The move to include CNG engines in the portfolio is part of Tata Motors’ attempts to retain its leadership position during the growing competition. Earlier, Westport had a partnership with the company for the development and launch of Tata Motors’ existing BS-IV certified natural gas spark-ignition engine for CV.

It took about a decade for developing markets from Euro IV to Euro VI, but by the emphasis of the Road Transport and Highways Ministry, Indian vehicle makers will have to adopt BS VI standard in less than five years by April 2020. Rajendra Petkar, VP and Head of Power Systems Engineering, ERC at Tata Motors’ said, “Tata Motors is dedicated to this objective, particularly considering the growing importance of natural gas in its product portfolio.”

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