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Healthcare Startups To Boost In 2018

Healthcare Startups To Boost In 2018

Healthcare has turned out to be one of the biggest segments of India both in terms of employment and revenue. Healthcare is a sector with the ability to radically improve or disrupt daily life. Healthcare has showed huge development in the last couple of years. Apart from this, the past year has showed a massive development in health-tech drifts. In addition to this, startups are getting more enhanced at commercial modernizations.

On the basis of universal momentum during last year and the possibility of grave advancement during this year, these are the leading healthcare companies to look out for:


Sequoia Capital-supported Practo offers healthcare services for consumers and healthcare suppliers. Practo Search allows patients to book appointments by looking through doctor profiles online. On the other hand, Practo Ray serves as a solution for practice management for healthcare suppliers to manage digital healthcare records and patient data.

The firm included specialty particular modules for Paediatricians, Physicians, and Dentists to Practo Ray. Practo is operating in 35 cities of India and in Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It also got hold of Genii, Fitho, InstaHealth, and Quikwell in 2015. The platform assists users with finding the right doctor, assessing health issues, obtaining medicines, booking diagnostic tests, learning new ways to live healthier, and storing health records.


Changing the face of medication, Advancells was founded in 2013. Investigating in the segment of stem cell treatments, the firm has been modernly conceptualist to additionally improve medication. Advancells is situated in Noida and has delegate offices in Australia and Bangladesh. Breaking the tradition about stem cell firms that most often provide setups for banking of stem cell, this is one of the few organizations in the nation that aims on the therapeutic utilization of stem cells for a range of life style and life threatening diseases.

Advancells also operates on writing procedures for partner hospitals and doctors that they can employ for curing the patients employing regenerative medication. Advancells is a GMP acquiescent processing and research center that operates on separate cell lines from different sources such as Adipose Tissue, Bone Marrow, Blood, Dental Pulp, and Cord Tissue among others.

Forus Health

Forus Health is an advanced technology firm that was established in 2010by fanatical technocrats. The product 3nethra of Forus is an intelligent, integrated, rugged, affordable, and portable eye-screening gadget that can scan a patient in below 5 Minutes for common eye issues.

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