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Apple Takes French Tax Protesters To Court Over Shop Protest

Apple Takes French Tax Protesters To Court Over Shop Protest

Apple has filed a court case in opposition to the Attac protester group after almost100 of its followers occupied the flagship store of the tech behemoth last month in Paris. They supporters protested against the supposed “broad-scale tax avoidance” by the company. A spokesperson of Apple claimed to the media this week that while it appreciated the right to expression of the group, its latest deeds had put the safety of our employees and customers at jeopardy.

It is looking for 3,000 Euros (almost $3,600) from the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and Aid to Citizens (Attac), and a court instruction banning the organization from performing additional protests in its shops, for which they might encounter a fine of 150,000 Euros. Attac performed a sit-in at grandiose Opera store of Apple on December 2, 2018, asking the U.S. tech major to pay billions of Euros that the EU claims it is obligated to give back in taxes.

They jammed the shop for quite a few hours on a hectic Saturday, leaving only after they were given the assurance of a conference with administration. The firm claimed it had met with executives on December 18, 2018, and asked them to cease additional deeds due to safety concerns. “Even if we do not share their view, we completely identify their right to express it,” the spokesperson of Apple claimed. But a spokesperson for Attac France, Dominique Plihon, claimed that the lawsuit was a try to choke Attac and avoid us from conducting new citizen deeds to criticize tax avoidance by MNC.

He further claimed that Apple had blamed Attac of destruction, even though he claimed the actions of the group are nonviolent, symbolic, staged openly, and with no material harm. Attac also objected in opposition to the firm on the day the company rolled out its iPhone X all over the world in November, dumping a cargo of newly picked apples in the southern city of Aix-en-Provence as supporters carried symbols stating “Apple, pay your taxes”.

The similar day, its activists came together in front of the Opera shop with a false birthday cake, greeting “a worst birthday to tax avoidance” in disguise of “happy birthday to the iPhone” as fraction of its #ApplePayYourTaxes movement. In August 2016, European executives predicted that Apple is payable $14.5 Billion in back taxes post it negotiated highly favorable arrangements of tax with the Government of Ireland.

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