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Trial For Panic Button On Handsets To Start On January 26 In Uttar Pradesh


Trial For Panic Button On Handsets To Start On January 26 In Uttar Pradesh

A pilot proposal to trial feature of “panic button” on mobile handsets to make sure women security will get going on January 26, 2018, in Uttar Pradesh. This data was given by Maneka Gandhi, the Union minister, to the media in an interview. In April, 2016, the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) via a gazette notice had made it obligatory for mobile makers to give panic buttons by January, 2017, in handsets.

The order claimed that the handsets will need to have the panic button in the shape of numeric key 9 or 5 to raise crisis calls. Smartphones with no such facility of a crisis call, too, will need to have the similar service, or permit employment of power off or on button as the panic button. On the other hand, execution of the instruction was postponed by a year owing to different factors. “The pilot proposal (to trial the panic button supported by a real-time response from police) will begin from January 26 in UP,” the WCD (Women and Child Development) minister claimed to the media in an interview on the sidelines of an event here.

“If it runs in UP, it can run everyplace,” she claimed in an indirect reference to the elevated rate of crime in the upper state. Gandhi claimed that an earlier test of the proposal witnessed a huge amount of prank calls, resulting in a holdup in executing the feature of panic button. Joint Secretary at WCD, Chetan Sanghi, verified that all new handsets in the nation now come with a panic button, but the inside structural design is being carried out in Uttar Pradesh.

A user of smartphone will have to install a mobile app that will convey alerts if a user long clicks the panic button on the handsets. On the other hand, an individual employing a basic handset require only clicking the selected key, he claimed to the media. Sanghi claimed that the government even though was yet to inform which button on a handset might work as the button for the situation of crisis.

“Once a consumer clicks the panic button, 5 calls will be made to crisis number 112. After this, 5 SMSs will be instantly conveyed to police executives, and more 3–5 SMSs will be transferred to family members of the user,” claimed the official. Almost 25–50 volunteers in the area of the user will also be informed via texts, he claimed.

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