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New OS Eelo Developed That Will Have No Google Inside

New OS Eelo Developed That Will Have No Google Inside

Almost 99% of the mobile OS is controlled by iOS of Apple and Android of Google, though the likes of BlackBerry and Microsoft attempted to challenge but were unsuccessful in their try. The noteworthy market share indicates that customers generally end up being inclined to the ecosystem of either Apple or Google. For those seeking a substitute to these 2 tech firms, there is a new OS founded on Android.

The maker of Mandrake Linux, Gael Duval, has stated that he is functioning on eelo, which is an open-source OS that will be built on Android but will not be using any of the Google services. With eelo, Duval intends to get back his confidentiality. He mentioned eelo will be developed keeping in mind open-source software and will enable its users to make use of online services together with a striking interface.

Designing an OS ahead of Android not including Google services is not a first-time incident. Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant, has its own OS known as YunOS rooted in Android that dismisses all Google services supporting the local services. Nevertheless, Duval deems he can improve the services by making it safe and secure from any services that gather information.

He also enlightens that eelo will be founded on the prevailing Android replica LineageOS, a divided version of now lifeless CyanogenMod. He substantiates that eelo will not grow to be a business similar to Cyanogen and he desires it to be “for Mum and Dad.”

He states developing a Linux-based smartphone OS is not simple. He confesses he will not attempt resembling Canonical or Mozilla that were unsuccessful to create an entire Linux-based OS for the mobile hardware. He also mentions that Android is a novel development interface for him and he is seeking assistance from a full-stack developer.

Duval, in a webpage giving details about eelo, mentions eelo is functioning as a beta and the actual challenge up to now has been to take away Google Play Services, Google Play Store, and other Google applications. He states that, for search, eelo will depend on privacy-enabled Qwant and DuckDuckGo. Nevertheless, users of eelo will also be capable to choose their own search engine as Google provides the preeminent search result in the majority circumstances.

Duval desires an “eelo store” for secure delivery of applications but will depend on the Android program repositories such as APKPure and F-Droid during the roll out. The Google Services will be substituted by MicroG.

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