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Pluto Exchange App: Indian’s First Bitcoin Trading App Introduced

Pluto Exchange App: Indian’s First Bitcoin Trading App Introduced

The country’s first Bitcoin trading app has been launched. It is a Mobile-based application named Pluto Exchange. Now it is possible to trade Bitcoin-like crypto (virtual currency) through this app. It will execute all the transactions only through the use of the mobile number. By using a 4-digit PIN, users will be able to purchase, sell, store and spend their Bitcoins using the mobile number.

Bharat Verma, Chief Executive Officer of Pluto Exchange, said, “The slogan of the Pluto Exchange is Unbank the Banked” that means liberate people from the complexity of the bank’s work. All other apps already are in use in the market use Bitcoin addresses for the transaction of Bitcoin. The Pluto Exchange will change this entire scenario and will eliminate all of these complications in one stroke.

The Pluto Exchange is an open payment platform and a decentralized exchange, which is issued on all crypto exchanges. The company has claimed that this is the first app based vault, which enables Bitcoin transactions through the use of mobile numbers. He said that Pluto Exchange resolves the problem of coordination between the payment processes, for instance, payment process, financial paths, and financial institutions. It enables financial businesses including remittances, payments, payroll deposits, supply chain finance, loyalty programs, B2B commerce, asset management, and other demand-oriented services.

Bharat Verma said, “Investing is a dream of youth. Everyone wants to do business with safety and security. But the market is full of thugs. Looking at all these phenomena related to counterfeiting, our company has taken a new initiative that will increase security and reduce the incidence of counterfeiting in investment. This app will enable each person to easily access all types of transactions through the use of mobile number only.”

Bitcoin’s value in New York has risen about 1600% in 2016 and currently costs around $15,000. In India, Bitcoins are trade at the Rs 10 lakh each and people are investing amid Rs 3,000 and lakh rupees to buy it. Pluto Exchange was established in 2017 by Bharat Verma. The Pluto Exchange is an AP-enabled cryptocurrency wallet provider whose headquarters is in Dubai and the IT department is in Delhi.

Looking at the growing craze of investment in cryptocurrency majorly from the youth, it seems the exchanges that are in the initial stage will be soon established as a leading player in the cryptocurrency exchange, which will be handling every virtual currency that is presently listed on the boards.

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