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Andhra Pradesh Intends To Pour Rs 30,000 Crore In The Electric Vehicle Sector

Andhra Pradesh Intends To Pour Rs 30,000 Crore In The Electric Vehicle Sector

The Andhra Pradesh Government wants to fund Rs 30,000 Crore of investment in the Electric Vehicle Industry through many incentives. These incentives will comprise capital subsidies for charging equipment manufacturers and automobile companies. This scheme of Andhra Government will help in fulfilling the country’s goal of reducing the utilization of fossil fuel in transportation.


Industry’s End Commerce Secretariat, Sri Solomon Arokia Raj said, “With the support of government clearances soon in Andhra Pradesh, manufacturing will be beneficial. The goal of the state is to become the hub of the Electric Mobility Ecosystem in India.”

Apart from the capital subsidy, Andhra Pradesh Government has also offered to make available land and electricity at a lower cost.

The Central Government has proposed to run only electric vehicles in the country till 2030, but no major policy has been presented so far. The center is functioning on zero-subsidy electric-vehicle policy. This includes incentives such as land availability at the subsidized cost and tax deduct for the vehicle and battery manufacturers. However, the Union Cabinet has not given permission for this policy yet.

The plans of the Andhra Pradesh government are to remove registration on electric vehicles and to remove road tax, to give companies 3-wheeler fleet licenses, to impose extra taxes on diesel and petrol vehicles.

State Government may offer electric mobility policy next month. Solomon said, “Andhra Pradesh has accomplished a growth rate of 11% in 2016–17. Policies are being made in terms of future of the state. Andhra Pradesh has six ports and eight ports are about to get ready. There are several airports, large land and 24 hours of electricity available in the state.”

Andhra Pradesh’s plan is also to build an electric bike park. And in this, manufacturing units it will be able to start production in less time.

To increase the demand for electric vehicles, the entire fleet of government vehicles will be converted into electric and the bus fleet will be shifted to battery-operated vehicles by 2030.

Through state government Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), the state government is planning to roll out a tender to purchase electric vehicles. Tata Motors and Mahindra & Mahindra have received the EESL tender for buying 10,000 electric vehicles for the four central government departments.

When the government announced its aim to electrify the whole transportation in India, the prime focus of every technology company has been inclined towards the country looking at massive opportunities.

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