High Supply Of Coal Lead To Boost In Power Plants Production

High Supply Of Coal Lead To Boost In Power Plants Production

Power plants now have a reservoir of coal production for an average of 9 days. In this way, power plants have crossed the critical-level comfortably. In fact, due to the shortage of coal supply, the production stopped in several units of power plants. A senior executive of NTPC, a government company, said, “Supply has improved greatly and production has started in many of our units. Due to lack of coal, these units were running at very low capacity or came to a halt. We have been getting an additional rake for the last few days to increase the power generation.”

The senior executive of a sovereign power company said, “The supply has been regenerated and it is gradually increasing. We can now plan better, as we know how much coal will be supplied. According to the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), stock critical is considered when the supply of pithead plants has come down to lower than five days. Critical stock limits for less than one week for non-pit head plants.

According to the Central Electricity Authority, the stock of any pit head plant is not in the critical stage, but about 10 plants in the non-pit head category are in the critical stage, which had made such situation in front of 27 plants two months ago. Although all these plants are getting regular supply and a senior executive of Coal India said that the construction of the stock from them is delayed as the entire fresh supply of coal is being used in power generation.

Coal India executive, said, “Coal India is loading 275 to 280 rakes on daily basis. Direct loading from Pitt Head is 250 rakes daily, which we have set a target for carrying out approximately 270 rakes. The reason for the improvement in the coal stock in power plants is the beginning of the winter due to which there has been a decrease in electricity demand in some areas and production has increased.”

But due to the land acquisition issue in the Rajmahal mine area coming under Eastern Coalfields of West Bengal, there is a problem of production of coal. The collision in the area of Central Coalfields has adversely affected owing to the poor condition of law and order. Due to the closure of the 34 km railway between Dhanbad and Chandrapura of Jharkhand, the supply has impacted a lot. Alternatively, coal is being sent to the second loading area through trucks.

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