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Haldiram Beats PepsiCo After 20 Years In Snacks Segment

Haldiram Beats PepsiCo After 20 Years In Snacks Segment

Haldiram has surpassed PepsiCo back and achieved the status of the country’s largest snack company after more than two decades. The reason is that consumers prefer packaged snacks are more liable to be liked than snacks in Western countries such as potato chips. Haldiram’s sales in the year ended in September and stood at Rs 4,224.8 Crore. In comparison, according to Nielsen data mobilized by PepsiCo’s executives, Rs 3,990.7 Crore from brands such as Lays, Kurkure, and Uncle Chips, PepsiCo’s sales stood at Rs 3,617 Crore and Haldiram’s Rs 3,262 Crore a year ago. Nielsen also provided data for the last 12 months as well as the quarterly data. In the last one year, the overall market has increased by 17%, in which, Haldiram’s sales increased by almost 30%. In 2012–16, its growth was 10–12%. It achieved the sales of about Rs 1,000 Crore in the year that ended in September.

Kamal Agarwal, a member of the fourth generation of Haldiram family, said, “There has been a huge increase in the prices of raw materials of many snacks. However, we have not increased the prices of our products and have taken the loss on ourselves. This has helped us increase market share. Consumers are adding Indian snacks for healthy food, chips are considered bad for health.

Haldiram is divided into three geographical units – Haldiram Manufacturing (North), Haldiram Foods (West and South) and Haldiram Bhujiawala (East). According to Nielsen, it cannot confirm the figures related to the brand as it is confidential for the clients. PepsiCo said that it would not comment on the reports of any country’s market or analyst. The company said that it has retained its ranking. According to PepsiCo, due to differences in the product category, comparison won’t be right.

PepsiCo’s spokesperson said, “We are still at the top in the Salty Snacks segment. It is also the fastest growing category of all snacks. In nachos category, we have increased our presence with ‘Made in India’ Doritos. Lays has become our fastest growing food brand due to innovation since last year. We have further enhanced our Salty Snacks portfolio with crunchy triangles. “

The total market value of snacks in the country is Rs 21,600 Crore and in the last few years, the share of branded salted varieties such as Chiwda, Dal, Bhujia, and Nuts is increased. Now more than half of this market is occupied by country snacks. Along with the country-based companies, multinational food companies are also trying to increase the sale of snacks in the remote areas with attractive packaging and pricing.

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