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Rihanna’s 21-Year-Old Cousin Shot Dead

Rihanna’s 21-Year-Old Cousin Shot Dead

Rihanna’s cousin was shot to death on Tuesday in Barbados. Rihanna’s cousin, late Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne, was 21 year old. When Tavon around 7pm on 26 December was walking on the St. Michael’s area, a man shot him several times with his gun.

He was immediately taken to the nearby hospital in a private vehicle but before reaching the hospital, he died because of the injuries.

Rihanna, the eight-time Grammy award winner, posted a gallery of pictures on Instagram honoring her brother and recalling all good memories she had with him. Through the photos she posted on Instagram, she requested to bring an end to the gun violence.

Along with her pictures on Instagram she wrote, “RIP cannot believe that just the last night I held you in my arms! It was the last time I am feeling the warmth of your body, never thought!!! Love you man”. She used the hashtag “#endgunviolence”.

They had just spent Christmas together. It was in February that Rihanna’s cousin had posted a warm message under a photo of Rihanna and himself captioning it as “celebrating the singer’s 29th birthday”. He also wrote, “In my life your presence is a source of happiness and joy.”

The police are in search of the shooter, and they have urged the public to come up and give any information they have about the incident.

Recently, gun crime has increased to a great extent and it has become very common. Every third person in Barbados carries a gun with them, the police said.

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