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Bad News For Reliance Jio Users

Bad News For Reliance Jio Users

On the back of the Jio wave, 2018 will witness India steadily shift away from being a developing 4G nation, conquering the hiccups required to turn out to be a full-grown 4G authority, a new report claimed to last week. London-located OpenSignal, which specializes in wireless crowd-sourced coverage mapping all over the globe, claimed that market entry of Jio started an intense cost war in the telecom sector of India, leading to schemes of more affordable LTE offerings from all suppliers, driving more users to 4G than ever.

“The drift will carry on in 2018. Whether Jio stays the enormous dominant booster in 4G, development stays to be seen. After a year of steeply and free discounted data costing, Jio might make 2018 the year it lifts costs. That might level the game for operators in India,” claimed OpenSignal’s Andrea Toth to the media in an interview. “The widespread 4G access of Jio, along with its ‘initially free and later greatly discounted’ voice and data plans, rapidly won the hearts of over 100 Million mobile consumers all over the country,” Toth claimed.

Current mobile data user penetration of India stands at 40% that is anticipated to increase to 80% by the end of 2022, as per Crisil’s estimations. “LTE offerings have taken the top role in the unparalleled elevation of data consumers in the last year, in big part due to Jio,” the report claimed.

At the time of the quarter concluding in June 2017, the total usage of data stood at more than 4.2 Million Terabytes. Out of this, 4G data made up for 3.9 Million Terabytes, as per the data from TRAI. “Availability of LTE in India is extraordinary. The consumers were not able to link to an LTE signal more than 84% of the time. This is an increase of more than 10% points from a year ago,” Toth claimed.

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