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This Scarred Land – Photo Exhibition That Explores The Broke Back Mountains Of Himachal Pradesh


This Scarred Land – Photo Exhibition That Explores The Broke Back Mountains Of Himachal Pradesh

The Delhi lensman, Vick Roy held his 4th solo photography exhibition that continues until December 30, 2017, at Vadehra Art Gallery in Delhi. The 72-picture photo retrospect exhibits the broken back mountains of Himachal Pradesh in a black and white tone.

Looking at the landscape that was astonishingly framed on the walls, Vicky mentions that his visit in 2001 to Himachal Pradesh made him think about the migration of people from city to such remote and isolated place in search of peace but feels dejected as there are no mountains here to get the peace.

Vicky’s style of photography doesn’t reflect or resembles that of Samuel Bourne. In the 19th century, Bourne in the British Colonial period picturesque Himalaya as the beautiful place of India and captured the essence in a way that people could post that as a part of their interiors back home. Ram Rahman, the curator, designer of the exhibition and the contemporary photographer appreciates Roy’s work by saying that Himachal Pradesh is shown in a new version of man and machine scorching on the land of Himalaya leaving behind the mere presentation of the Dev Bhumi. The work is a sheer documentation of the realistic image rather than portraying the usual images of mystical powers and romance.

The mentor of Vicky and the famous portrait photographer, Anay Mann states that Vicky has made the most of this opportunity. Roy was also selected to document the restoration of the World Trade Center of New York by the US Maybach Foundation in the year 2008. The mentor mentions that Roy was further honored with an award (MIT Media Lab Fellowship) and since then he followed the right path of his strengths.

Vicky aims to work on long-term projects that help him ideate and document photographs that depict story. In the meanwhile, he works on few commercial photo assignments and meets friends and family while documenting family photos to cherish his rare moments.

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