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India’s First Employment Policy To Be Introduced By Modi Government


India’s First Employment Policy To Be Introduced By Modi Government

The country may soon get the first employment policy. A roadmap for creating quality jobs will be prepared through this. This policy will be presented in the upcoming budget, while the bill for this can be taken before the 2019 general elections.

A senior government official said, “This job policy will try to increase employment opportunities. For this, medium and small industries will be helped as most of the jobs are the same. The objective of this plan is to provide better employment to more than 10 Million youth who join every year in the country’s workforce. It will also be ensured that most of these employment opportunities are created in the organized sector. So far only 10% of the country’s 40 Million workforce are in the organized sector.”

The official said that with the new policy enhancing the employment, financial exemption or relief will also be given to bring the enterprises to the organized sector. If a person is employed in the organized sector then he is guaranteed with minimum wage and social security. The Modi Government is being criticized due to jobless growth. In view of this, initiatives for bringing Employment Policy started. The government plans to increase the income of people from the new employment policy and to get them out of the poverty line.

MS Unnikrishnan, president of the National Committee on Industrial Relations in Industry Organization, CII said, “Development of all these sectors of infrastructure, manufacturing, consumer goods, commodities, and services is essential to speed up the economic growth. In all these areas, new jobs will be created and they will also be upgraded.

He said that for this, we need a flexible job policy that protects the interests of both—the company and the employee. This means that the policy is practical and attractive for the investors as well as providing social security to the workers. In 2015, 1.35 Lakh new jobs were created, while 4.21 Lakh in 2014 and 4.19 Lakh new jobs were created in 2013. These figures are presented by the Labor Bureau’s quarterly survey.

Another survey of the Labor Bureau revealed that the unemployment rate increased to more than 5% in five years from FY13. It was 4.9% in FY14 and 4.7% in FY13. Currently, about 90% of the employees are in the unorganized sector who do not have social security. Most of them may not even get the minimum wage. The government is currently assessing the country’s current employment situation. These include the macroeconomic environment, demographic context, and the challenges and barriers to regional employment generation.

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