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Customer Experience And Cloud Analytics Is What Zensar Focusing On: CEO

Customer Experience And Cloud Analytics Is What Zensar Focusing On: CEO

RPG Group’s IT services company Zensar Technologies has pulled out the companies from their client list, with whom there are no chances of increasing the transaction. Zensar CEO and MD Sandeep Kishore told that the company will now emphasize on clients working in analytics, and cyber security domains, and customer experience cloud.

The company is expecting more than half the revenue from digital business in the next 2–3 Years, which is estimated to 37%. Over the time, the company’s average digital deal size will also triple to the current $3 to 5 Million and reach approximately $10 Million.

He said, “Our focus is now on working with companies for which we can add digital, cloud, analytics, consumer experience, creative value addition to cybersecurity. We want to be relevant to each other.”

Kishore said, “Where we thought that the client is not right according to our strategy, we have decided to sort out the list carefully. When I joined the company, we had identified more than 50 such clients and we have almost sorted them out. There are very only a few names left on that list.”

The impact of the company’s new strategy has started to show on its quarterly results. In the last 8 quarters, the number of clients with more than 10 Million revenues has increased from 65 to 70 in the list of the company, whereas in the category of more than $ 50 million, it has doubled to 8. The company gets 56.1% of revenues from top 20 clients, whereas in the third quarter of 2016, the company got 52% revenue from them.

Kishore said that Zensar will keep on executing this strategy as it is currently acquiring newcomers. Pune’s Zensar has bought retail tech firm Keystone Solutions and user design firm Foolproof Limited in the last 12 Months. The company did not issue any details about the cost of the acquisition deals.

Head of Zensar said, “IT Spending Environment is very good, but more business is coming in the digital segment. May it be retail, financial services, healthcare, telecom, manufacturing, 80% investment in every sector is being done in digital technology.

Kishore said that more than half of the new deals given to the company are from the digital segment. He said that the revenue of this segment has increased from 56% in the last two years. The company will maintain focus on acquiring digital revenue through its own and merger acquisition.

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