Budget Of Rs 5,000 Crore Demanded By Nitin Gadkari For E-Vehicles

Budget Of Rs 5,000 Crore Demanded By Nitin Gadkari For E-Vehicles

The Road Transport and Highway Ministry have demanded a separate Rs 5,000 Crore from the Finance Ministry in the budget for the fleet of electric buses and the world class public transport system, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari gave this information. The transport ministry, along with state governments and road transport corporations, wants to create Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), buy electric buses, and make modern bus ports.

Gadkari said, “State Transport Corporations should exclude diesel buses from their fleet as they cost more. They should buy electric buses to reduce their losses. If there are a large number of electric vehicles in the fleet, their operational cost can be reduced by 50%. State Transport Corporations will be profitable in doing if this step is initiated. Private sectors might also get subsidies and incentives for electric buses.”

The minister said, “We want a fund of about Rs 5,000 Crore separately to build electric buses and modern bus ports. I will soon write to Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, about this and will also discuss this with the Transport Ministers of the States. The ministry is also planning to buy 5,000 electric buses in the next financial year. The central government has already given tender for buying electric vehicles for its departments.”

Gadkari said, “This is the only way to motivate people in order to adopt electric vehicles. With this, we have to strengthen the public transport system too. In view of the speed at which the number of private vehicles is increasing on the roads, in the duration of next 5–6 Years, we will have to spend more than Rs 1 lakh crore for making extra lanes on the National Highways.”

He also said, “I am thinking of including double-decker buses too in the fleet. We have already signed the agreement with London Transport for the use of modern technology in public transport.”

The government is also working on e-Vehicle Policy. It has set a target to run all-electric vehicles in the country till 2030. Under this policy, the government will provide charging infrastructure. It will also give incentives to buy electric cars. The transport ministry has proposed that the electric vehicles used in the form of taxis should be exempted from commercial tax. The ministry has also proposed this for mini trucks. Gadkari said, “We are working on Charging Infrastructure. This will allow people to charge car batteries in half an hour.”

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