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Sonia Gandhi Says, “My Role Is To Retire Now”


Sonia Gandhi Says, “My Role Is To Retire Now”

Sonia Gandhi, who has been leading the Congress party for the last 20 years, said a day before handing over her role to her son Rahul Gandhi “My role is to retire now.”

As the party is preparing for the official announcement of their next President’s name, that is, Mr. Rahul Gandhi, discussions are going on about whether Sonia Gandhi will be made the political chairman emeritus after her retirement.

Sonia Gandhi said, “For many years Rahul Gandhi has been a helping the Congress in taking important decisions and now it is his time to take over the responsibilities of the Congress party properly.”

Against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat, he has led campaigns and has done number of road shows as well. The exit polls clearly show Modi, while snatching Himachal Pradesh from Congress will hold on to his home state Gujarat as well. Rahul Gandhi will be beginning his career as a President with two political defeats.

Seven years after Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1998, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi took over as Congress chief.

To be leading the Congress, Rahul Gandhi is going to be the sixth member of the Nehru–Gandhi family. Narendra Modi, in one of his election speeches in Gujarat, said, Rahul Gandhi’s role in Congress will be marked as an “RAJ OF AURANGZEB”—taunting that this kind of a leader results in ruining the dynasty.

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