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Delhi Government Waves Green Signal For CCTV Cameras Procurement For Public Buses


Delhi Government Waves Green Signal For CCTV Cameras Procurement For Public Buses

The horrifying and brutal incidents in the country’s capital have forced Delhi Government to pick some necessary actions in terms of public safety. Majority of the safety actions are applied in the facilities that are accessible to the public such as transportations, public places, and others.

The Government of Delhi has initiated the procedure of procuring CCTV cameras for every bus that operates through DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and its cluster.

In the present year, Delhi Cabinet has sanctioned the proposal of transport department to assign and call the tenders and ink the agreement for CCTV installations in total 6,350 DTC and cluster buses. The procurement will be funded through Nirbhaya Fund, given by the government. As per the details, the project is estimated to be valued at Rs 140 Crore.

The concerned department has opened tenders to appoint a consultancy firm, which will assist in the overall procurement, installation, and CCTV cameras surveillance in the buses. The prime motive of the initiative is to make public transport safer for women. The buses will also be equipped with a panic button along with three cameras and telecasting screen for camera feed.

The transport department is looking forward to equipping the buses with live video support and accessibility from any remote location through a camera, which will be integrated with the panic button for the alert. The department also intends to procure high definition advanced cameras that have pan-tilt-zoom efficiency. The requirement in the specification also has a rugged parameter to make the device vandal proof. As per the agreement, the maintenance and installations will be for 5 Years with the appointed consultant.

This move by the Delhi Government might be too late for now, as the damage is already done, but efforts will be appreciated with a hope that every device works in the way it is intended to.

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