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Facebook Adverting Campaigns Can Now Display In WhatsApp For Users


Facebook Adverting Campaigns Can Now Display In WhatsApp For Users

As an advertiser, Facebook gives a wider space to attract the maximum audience but now it has extended its reach to the audience by catering to WhatsApp. Facebook has recently launched its new innovation, i.e., Click-to-WhatsApp key on its own platform helping advertisers widen their reach to 1 Billion users of WhatsApp.

With over 2.1 Billion Facebook users, it has given assurance with its launch of “Click-to-WhatsApp” function and will initially roll-out in countries like Africa, Australia, South and North America and other parts of Asia. It is being observed that the EU (Europe) is not considered due to its strict regulation regarding the data transferring or sharing via Facebook to other social platforms. The product marketing manager of Facebook, Pancham Gajjar, mentions that a huge number of masses use WhatsApp to communicate, even the small businesses due to its fast and efficient communication services. This added feature of “Click-to-WhatsApp” for Facebook advertisement will help the business houses to reach quickly and increase their economy by spreading knowledge about their product and services.

Facebook also states that thousands and millions of business pages post a WhatsApp number for easy communication and responses. The feature will work wonders when the WhatsApp number of the businesses will add a key called “Send Message” which will be linked to their WhatsApp logo on their Facebook ads and then the messages will be only delivered to those users who have the app (WhatsApp) instilled in their respective phones. Facebook also states that people should add their business WhatsApp numbers to their contacts that help initiate conversations. This will benefit them to open message chat window for those interested and further it can be edited prior to sending.

This new feature has a similar function like that of “Click-to-Messenger,” which was launched by Facebook in the month of November last year. The feature was further extended to Instagram in the month of May 2017.

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