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IIT-Delhi Joins Force With Nokia To Make Networks More Reliable And Efficient

IIT-Delhi Joins Force With Nokia To Make Networks More Reliable And Efficient

The IIT-Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi) and Nokia, in a remarkable development, now have inked a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to make use of analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and data science to make networks more reliable and efficient.

The group effort will enable the IIT-Delhi to benefit from the technological expertise and leadership of Nokia in communications networking to carry out exploration in these domains. At the same time as Ericsson is functioning already with the institute to build up use cases about the 5G technology, the capable faculty and students of leading institute of India will now make efforts in projects with top technical minds of Nokia to look at approaches to make networks more reliable and efficient.

Vice president at Nokia of Global Service Delivery, Amit Dhingra, in a statement said, “We are delighted to function with some of the brilliant minds of the nation at Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. Association with educational institutes and universities promotes novelty and can assist to determine intricate challenges faced by our industry. New technologies need spanking new consideration and functioning with the intellectuals of IIT-Delhi will enable us to move forward the limit of what is achievable; the group effort will enable us to get ready for the future, for which expertise in artificial intelligence and analytics are indispensable.”

With networks becoming gradually more composite and data use mounting drastically, quality- and efficiency-associated challenges must be tackled preemptively to enhance the performance of the network and make services instantaneous, as stated by the company. Through the partnership, research scholars of IIT-Delhi from the fields of applied mathematics, computer science, and statistics will function with Nokia in India to build software modules rooted in AI algorithms with deep learning, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

Nokia has also mentioned that the partnership will assist in improving its service delivery and become more reliable and efficient. Apart from this, it seems that the preemptive and self-learning abilities will also assist the service delivery of Nokia to be prepared for 5G.

Dean of R&D at IIT-Delhi, B. R. Mehta, said, “We are pleased to function with Nokia in exciting and budding domains of technology. Functioning with key technology companies such as Nokia enables us to build new abilities in sophisticated technologies. The association will not only offer vital experience to our students in the novel technologies but will also allow them to place theoretical subjects, such as analytics, to realistic use.”

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