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Majority Of Indian Seeking Data For Bitcoin Through Google

Majority Of Indian Seeking Data For Bitcoin Through Google

Indian eagerness on the Bitcoin that is being discussed worldwide is not less. People are asking Google about this digital currency or crypto-related information. This is the reason that the most frequently asked questions on Google this year include questions related to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is included in three categories of its main search. This is revealed in Google’s annual report by the technology company.

In this report, the company has stated that in this year’s search, Indians showed the most curiosity about which words, celebrities, song, movies or brands. According to this, Bitcoin is included in three main categories according to the search. Among them, news related to the price of Bitcoin was the most discussed news in 2017.

Experts say that not only the net users, but the common people also want to know about Bitcoin. How to use it, how to buy it and how to buy it in India are the main questions that are in the minds of the people and the answers to the questions they ask online to Google. Similarly, in the category, a large number of Indians wanted to know what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is on the second place in Google’s search. The question of how to buy Bitcoin in India remained at the third place in the top question.

According to the company, curiosity about Bitcoin on search engines is not limited to India or Indians only. This year’s global search for Google also includes Bitcoin in two major categories. Out of these, in the 5 top news stories of this year, Bitcoin was at second place, while third in the category. People around the world are eager to know how to buy a Bitcoin.

It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin is a digital currency. It can be carried out in a digital wallet only. It has been discussed in the recent past that the cost of a Bitcoin is more than Rs. 10 Lakh. There is no official permission for this currency in India, nor has there been any rule of regulating it. The Finance Ministry has set up a committee these days which would suggest the future direction of Bitcoin in the country. This week, the Income Tax Department of the country has investigated nine Bitcoin exchanges including Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kochi and Gurugram in connection with the alleged tax evasion.

It would be hard to say at the present conditions how the crypto-currency would be deployed in India and what are the actual chances of such digital currency getting applied in the Indian trade.

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