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An Ultrathin craft built to eradicate Space Debris

Space junks are things the scientists are finding out solutions for its eradication. The scientists are trying to implement the concept of carnivorous animals feeding on its prey in the space. Thus, the researchers from the Aerospace Corporation have developed the “Brane Craft,” which is designed such that it will wrap around the space debris that are orbiting the Earth and pull down through the atmosphere in such a force causing it to burn down and never pose a threat to the satellites or astronauts.

Space Debris

The craft is a flexible and half the size of the human-hair thickness space device. Due to its thickness, it is very difficult to protect it from radiation or micrometeorites. The spacecraft sheet has to be made bulletproof as even a 5-Micron diameter particle has the ability to penetrate through it due to its 10 Microns thickness. The company has made it flexible so as to withstand the surrounding obstacles. There is a fantastic property that is if one microprocessor and digital electronics of the craft stops working then the rest will still continue working. Even the propellant tank present in between the two thin sheets is made up of multiple segments with the same operable property.

The company is still exploring the electronics used so as to come up with a product that can withstand challenges such as radiations or micrometeorites. The craft built is so light in weight, efficient, and cost-effective that it can be stacked into a launcher and introduced into the space so as to drag down the space debris. Even the fuel consumption of the craft is very low. The Brane Craft is designed to be powered using the ultrathin solar cells and propellant attached. The company is planning to launch many Branes into the space in a single go for reducing the expenditure.

Space Debris

Once launched, the craft wraps itself around the debris, pulls it down towards the Earth like a waste incinerator and burns up the space debris in the atmosphere. The elimination of the space junks is of utmost importance as in case if the debris strikes the planet or the satellites then the damage done could be far beyond repair. NASA is always looking out for avoiding the presence of debris in the space. The dead Kosmos-2251 satellites and operational Iridium 33 smacked into each other in 2009 and since then has resulted in a swarm of debris swirling around the Earth. Thus, the Brane Craft can prove to be fruitful in order to take out the garbage from the space. For now, the company is looking in to attract more customers and government to help take the project to the next level.

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