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Ericsson Demonstrates Almost 1000x Faster 5G Networks


Ericsson Demonstrates Almost 1000x Faster 5G Networks

Months after fastening the 5G tech to be an opportunity worth $27.3 Billion for the local telecom companies by 2026, this week Ericsson confirmed the new tech offering a speed of 5.7 Gbps. The widespread 4G networks in the nation are discovered to be providing a net speed of 6.13 Mbps as per report rolled previous month. The government needs to roll out 5G by the end of 2020.

TRAI, the telecom regulator, had rolled out a consultation document in August looking for industry opinions on auctions of spectrum in the upcoming time, which might witness the entrance of 5G airwaves being traded. Ericsson, the mobile technology major, stated this is the first live revelation of 5G network in the nation that was carried out employing its 5G NR radio and 5G trial bed. “The revelation employing 5G test bed of Ericsson gives ultra-low latency of 3 Millisecond and a throughput of 5.7 Gbps,” it claimed to the media in a statement last week.

Nunzio Mirtillo, Head for Southeast Asia at Ericsson, claimed that they are gearing up for 5G play considering the government idea to roll out the new generation offerings by the end of 2020. The firm had lately emerged with a report claiming that India will have more than 10 Million subscriptions for 5G by the end of 2023 and had also claimed that the overall potential of revenue to be $27.3 Billion by the end of 2026. This will be on top of the revenue estimated to be worth $63 Billion to originate from conventional services, it claimed.

“Introduction of 5G tech will convey a new stage of characteristics and performance to the telecom carries creating new ecosystems and allowing new services. New income streams will unlock for providers since they go further than being connected. And infrastructure suppliers will turn out to be service creators and service enablers,” Nitin Bansal, managing director of Ericsson India, claimed.

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