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Big Media Mixes Up To Meet Challenge From Big Tech


Big Media Mixes Up To Meet Challenge From Big Tech

Media behemoths of America have witnessed this episode before. Big Tech makes an entry in a sector with new ways of carry business and piles of cash, upsetting the rivalry. That is why Big Media are jumbling for tie-ups and partnerships to boost their content arsenal in spite of a well-supported onslaught from the tech industry. This moving landscape assists explain discussions among 21st Century Fox and Walt Disney Co. to trade key film and television assets from the Rupert Murdoch family-led group. This also explains a planned AT&T buyout of Time Warner, a media-entertainment powerhouse.

More contractors are expected since the sector becomes accustomed to a user shift to on-demand and online services such as Netflix, and attempts by tech behemoths such as Apple and Facebook to enter into original content. “It is an extremely complex game of musical chairs taking place at the same time,” claimed Robert Thompson, to the media in an interview. Thompson leads Bleier Center of Syracuse University for Popular Culture and Television. “Everyone is making an attempt to make certain that when the music concludes they have sufficient people and content to keep them surviving in the game.”

The old structure of heavy pay TV bundles backing the content makers is vanishing, and the fight for influence in the sector is now referred to by some experts as a “Game of Thrones.” This is a reference to the well-liked HBO TV show. Streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix have already disturbed the segment. As per a study by the Raymond James, which is an investment company, 31% of people in America claimed that streaming services was their main source of video.

Almost 32% of users have shifted down to a less costly package or canceled it, and many teen viewers depend completely on Internet for video, the report claimed.

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