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GoPro Has Good Plans To Grow In India


GoPro Has Good Plans To Grow In India

GoPro began life in the U.S. approaching to adventure seekers. COO of GoPro, Prober, holds forth on how he aims to defend against the threats of extermination and make the company omnipresent even in latest markets such as India.

Is the traditional route that GoPro was built in the US – via adventure sports – as relevant in India?

According to a study from Google, GoPro in the U.S. is among the leading 6 of all teen companies and a normal fit for the youngsters. On the other hand, we have shifted well further than action sports even in our core markets and business. Family and travel have come out as some of the sturdy factors. While action sports will forever be a fraction of our company. We now contain a much bigger audience. In India, weddings and festivals are some of the big opportunities for development. Photographers of wedding have began providing different packages and charging a fee when they are utilizing GoPro.

What about affordability and pricing?

Believe me. That is the largest question for us. On the other hand, through talks with our distributors, retail partners, and influencers, we realized everyone witnesses it as a huge chance. If we can allow financing options and EMIs, that can widen the market chance. In a number of different markets, vendors take the load of carrying that but here it is the role of the company, which emerged as a surprise.

What gave you the confidence to go the whole hog with GoPro for India?

It came from the emerging demographics of the country helped by the penetration of the mobile, a high amount of involvement around social media, and overseas travel. All these verticals fit very well with the company. Our whole plan is to make GoPro the ultimate lens to the handset.

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