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First Integrated HMI Platform Developed By Blackberry And Denso

First Integrated HMI Platform Developed By Blackberry And Denso

Two technology giants, Blackberry and Denso that hold a considerable expertise in connected devices have jointly developed an integrated HMI platform that will optimally link and manage various other HMI products including sound and display inside the cabin of vehicle in considerably low price. The HMI platform will be fitted majorly in successive car models that are expected to be released post 2019.

Owing to advancement in the automobile convenience and safety parameters in recent years, the amount of data fetched from vehicles and delivered to the driver is rising. The vehicles of today are integrated with diverse HMI systems that come with several specific operating systems based on the device to work in unanimity. The reason behind this is that the device-specific operating systems are autonomously controlled by more than one micro-controllers owing to which it becomes intricate to coordinate and cooperate the sound and display content equally.

This newly developed integrated HMI automotive platform is considered to be the first of its kind and created using tools such as Intel Atom processor A3900 series and QNX Hypervisor for virtualization by BlackBerry and Denso. This hypervisor is the key element of the system that helps all the HMIs function independently occurring in form of diverse controls and characteristics, through a single integration of one microcomputer.

The system also enables HMI products to assist with the necessary information to be displayed with respect to the appropriate devices with suitable timing. For instance, a warning communicated through some simple expressions on the display in suitable timing.

In addition, with the integration amid navigation center displays and instrument cluster, it is not likely to display an animation with logic of unanimity between meter screen and navigation screen. Moreover, modernization of the operation of one microcomputer, automatically upgrades the performance of both devices and screens, resulting in the reduction of cost and improvement in R&D productiveness.

Intel has offered a revolutionary and unique graphics sharing technology, which the company has used for the Intel Atom processor A3900 series, as part of HMI integration. The technology works on the mechanism of prioritizing 3D workloads crucial for safety while in operation.

Both the companies will be displaying newly developed integrated HMI platform at upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES), starting from January 9–12 of 2018 in Las Vegas. Denso has also unveiled a largest head up display of the world. The HMI has a projection of 24 Inch and is installed in the new 2018 Lexus LS.

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