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Uber Security Managers Resign Post CEO Blames Practices

Uber Security Managers Resign Post CEO Blames Practices

Three senior executives in security unit of Uber Technologies Inc. last week resigned days after the new chief executive officer of company revealed huge information infringe and blamed previous security means. This data was given by a spokesperson of Uber this week to the media in an interview.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, who was employed for the peak job in August, revealed the information breach previous month soon after learning of the issue himself. He claimed that none of this should have taken place. Security practices of Uber are also below investigation in a high-shares lawful battle with Waymo, the autonomous car company and a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

Last week Uber claimed that it fired Joe Sullivan, its chief security officer, over his part in the data breach of 2016, which negotiated data belonging to 57 Million users and almost 600,000 employees. The last week’s resignations arrived in the middle of rising frustration inside security team of Uber over dismissal of Sullivan and the firm’s managing of the public revelation of the issue.

The 3 executives who resigned were a senior security engineer and the No 2 manager in the division, Prithvi Rai; chief of staff for Sullivan, Pooja Ashok; and the one who managed physical security, Jeff Jones; the spokesperson of Uber claimed. Jones and Ashok will stay in the firm till January to help in shift, claimed the spokesperson. A 4 person, Mat Henley, head of Global Threat Operations at Uber, started a 3-month sick leave, claimed a different source well known with the issue. The departures comprise most of the direct reporters for Sullivan.

None of the 4 instantly answered to questions for comment. Emails regarding the departures, described by a different source, complained of physical and emotional stress from the last year. In August Sullivan claimed to the media that his security unit totaled almost 500 workers.

Uber Security Managers Resign Post CEO Blames Practices

Management in the team has been in chaos since the firing of Sullivan and a deputy last week. The chaos was also a result of the admission from Uber that it gave $100,000 to attackers to erase stolen data from the breach of October 2016 and keeping it secret. It was unsuccessful to report the issue to watchdogs or warn users that their handset numbers and other information had been revealed.

In the Waymo incident, evidence this week at a pretrial hearing concentrated on claims by Richard Jacobs, the previous employee, that Uber had a specific unit inside its security unit that attempted to get other trade secrets and programming code from rivals.

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